Archive | January 2017

She Is Mine Too

As the sun rises each morning 
My Heart is filled with the hopes 
New hopes that has just begun
Sprung as I first encountered you

I needed you every second of my life 
But the bitter days broke my sweet anticipation 
When mystery of time didn't favor me
When we were close but you never felt it
The most venomous was when I fell for you 
And you had your own story 

Incredibly wonderful you are 
Special were the days when I walked with you
Perfect would have been the days 
If you felt what I deeply felt 
But you won't forever 

Understanding myself is difficult 
That I strangely fell for you
And could not make you realize it
And there is no way I can 
I just go on with the hopes 
Every morning I hug you
But it is the dream I had every morning!
I love you so much!

Let's be together if we reborn together.