The Only Girl In His World

Soulmate the God blessed him with
Aesthetic personality that only one sees
Nostalgiac his heart remains as it beats
Gorgeous shines as her generosity lives
Aspiration which motivates him forward 
Yearning he had for forever spring

Winsome she shall appear in the winter hug 
Attractive hairs in shiny dark over his face
Numbness shall crawl upon him in winter cold 
Generous smile mesmerizing his visual cortex 
Meandering beauty sketching a meandering sense 
Omnipresence of her Kindness in his growing faith

The word of praise as this shall remain
Nevertheless it's the song of his heart to be cherished 
He lives but he may not live without your acceptance  

                                      ~Tshering Dendup Oppa
'Did you snapped any photo today?', I asked
     Seeing this snapshot, I exclaimed.
'Wow! This can be an actress in the film. Which film are you playing?'
Gentle voice followed,"Yeah, may be it's your movie. Perhaps, you may
be the only guy who says I look like actress" 
  ☺️ Deep in my heart,'Because I love You' ☺️


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