His Wish On Her Birthday

IMG_081811th March, 1997

She was born, send by the God. Her life lead her in gentle benevolence with every second of her maturity. Her maturity didn’t erase her concept of simplicity. Her journey kept her moving, destination still vague. But her vigilance never made her to loose herself in the vastness of bizarre journey. As driven by the hypnotic fate of her life, fortunately, she has rejected the negatives and accepted the positives. She comprehended being human and moreover, as a young woman.

Love Her Secret Personality

One strange charming personality and indeed her secret remained as how secret should remain. It’s amazing that her faith in his love was really an inconceivable force within her while she walked with normal events in her journey. She believed in his love for another half of her teenage. She was thirteen when she was proposed and the guy was fortunate that she accepted. Unlike the lovers the world defines, she had completely different world. And the last thing of the first year was the letter she received. It’s incredibly hard to imagine how she managed that way! Her love just existed. It was like her first love just got disappeared but the letter convinced her that he lives somewhere else. No dates, no party time, no kisses, no hugs, no calls and indeed, no encounter at all. But she she lived for him, she believed her heart has only one chamber for lover.

His World

Elaboration not really required! His love didn’t die. It is not merely an existence, it lived in his heart all his late teenage. He lived somewhere else and she lived in another place but she is always remembered, her photo always cherished. He didn’t decide to change his mind, he believed too! But he would always tell his friends,” She might have changed and perhaps she may not be mine too.” Too pathetic, he didn’t have courage to contact her. So he lived a pathetic love life. After his departure, he saw her twice but he was not confident and failed to hold and hug her. It’s still living though.

11th March, 2017

It is her twentieth birthday. She is in second semester of the first year of her training in electricity in Technical Training Institute, Rangjung. She received her birthday wishes in the facebook as early as 2:00 a.m. It’s today. He is in Sri Lanka undergoing medical courses in University of Peradeniya. With all his heart, he wished two days before her birthday. It’s a music video containing her edited photos and he was really interested that he spent a day editing the photo and the video. Today, early morning still in the bed he sent her wishes on facebook though not the first wisher of the day.

How she managed to contact him!

She has created her facebook account only in 2016, last year. In the last few months of 2015, he managed to approach her close friends in her school, Gyelposhing Higher Secondary School. He was in Thimphu enjoying his one year vacation after completion of his higher secondary education, eagerly  waiting for his first ever flight to Sri Lanka for MBBS degree in the University of Peradeniya. He pledged her friend to tell her to create facebook account. Later, just after he started his course he was astonished to see a friend request from her. That’s when she was in vacation after her higher secondary education. She took Science with pure mathematics, she had a hard time.

It’s from that day her reunion with him started and the relationship tightened. Sometimes on chat, other times on video chat but mostly on messenger calls. It’s hard for her and him as well. He realized how difficult it is to talk with the one he loves. But as the days lead to months it’s easy for him talking. Easy for her as well, her voice was mesmerizing and soothing. He loved to hear so much again and again that he didn’t want to end the call. She didn’t want either but finally with mutual agreement, it used to end peacefully. Emotions and experiences were shared. Most interestingly, he knew better ways which she supported and agreed. Daily topics were about hypnotic kisses, nice hugs, her mesmerizing beauty, faith and trust,  past stories and most emotional talk was on how wonderful would it have been if both were together holding each other under the amazingly beautiful stars of the nights.

Tshering Dendup Loves Sangay Wangmo, that’s why he wanted to write and show the world that he loves her as much as she loves him. May God bless me! May God decide for us🙏🙏🙏




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