Ode To Her Character

As the morning sun jumps up above the eastern mountains 
And the roosters still singing their last melodies 
It's when the Chimneys blow away the milky smoke 
And the colors come into live with rays of light 
It's she who opens my eyes to be awakened 
The spring through my eyes is neither blessed with flowers 
Nor with the greenery of budding trees
It's her hairs and face that create my Spring blossoms 
Flowers and buds sprout as she smiles and 
the tears of splendor nurturing their lives
Her power creating lives of spring is magnificent 
It's this magnificence my heart craves for throughout the days 

As the swirling wind kisses the mystery of nature
And the blossom and greenery dance in the emptiness of space
Swishing melody comes and vanishes with the sprint of times 
Neither the buzzing of bees nor the chirping of birds is sweet
Unless her miraculous lips sing aloud amidst the nature 
It's her voice the bees love to mimic and the birds modify their songs
The unforgettable humming and melody then spread throughout 
Her enchanting voice mesmerizing those creatures is marvelous 
It's this marvel that my lips wanted to share with throughout the days



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