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The Taste Of A Pizza


I walked alone
Into the Pizza Hut
Sitting beside a wall
Munching on the Pizzas
They were not Pizzas
Just a meal indeed

I walked with my friends
Approached the Hut
Around a table, we sat
One bite on Pizza, we loved it
They were more than a meal
Not just a Meal

I walked with you, only you
We were in the Hut
Face to face we talked
Just an aroma of A Pizza
My heart was satisfied
And the bite on it?
I could see your world
My future!


On The Bed 


Head on the pillows

Pondering on mundanity

Breathing deeply that slows

While the eyes hold their dignity

Heart bleeds with its unfulfilled desire

Uncovering all the faults and regrets

Tears rolled down for one must expire

Unfolding the bud of secrets

Revealing the cause of angina

Discovering her betrayal

Gaining faith to welcome death!

You By My Side

Never in the lifetime I would experience this

By each passing day I grow, my feelings deepen

I feel so close to you but I may not show it

Soft hug I could imagine everyday

I always live by your side, you’ll never know

Lying flat on the lawn holding your hand

Gazing high up in the sky, we count the stars

Gentle breeze touches your hairs, they swing to my face

I feel their softness, it touches my heart even more

How silly I am to fantasize?

But that’s gonna be part of my life, you by my side.

The Loneliness Around

Just You And Me

The moment I got to walk with you

Just you and me, All by ourselves

By the roadside, across the field, under the trees

With the melodies of bird’s chirp above

And the gentle touch of the swift wind around

Merged with your enchanting words

My heart the most excited, my mind the most blissful

The days I walked with you

You by my side, singing your words

I wondering how gorgeous you look

which I saw by chance, though I could not face you

Those were the times I wished for never ending journey

And the saddest, the moment we depart

The days I spent with you were ordinary

But how emotional I was can never be imagined

It’s celebrated deep in my heart, remembered everyday

I was almost heartless, the days spent with others

Simply because my heart studied you differently

And fell in love with you, waiting for a day to express

Wishing to walk together throughout my life

The Music, The Sorrow

There is a place where you can overrule the world in a time that passes within your heart. Nevertheless, a time exists within the realm of your heart where all you can hear is nothing but a music of satisfaction. There can be a time when melancholy becomes a melody and that can be torturous, unimaginably the venom that can kill or a vampire who can suck your blood out of your precious life. 
Music that conveys the trust and faith, as I have known, is not merely a man’s idea, it is what really happens to everyone in one of the episodes of the life: that everyone must travel through. 

The melodious chirping of a parrot that I have encountered this morning and the enchanting humming of the bees over the lotus blossom are the musics that told me, ” I cannot trust you” and the thrilling wind over the beach whispered me, “You do not trust me.” 

Footprints near the beach depicting Sorrow

The vehicular swiftness as one passes the other puts within me an idea of how perilous the music would be to a mind that opposes the other. I sat within a car and sensed the intense roar of the other car, that is all.

The greatest sorrow comes when the music in your heart remains unexpressed for a reason so enigmatic and that probably can be reflected in a time to come, the tears of a wounded heart would fall after a long time then. 

Rather, it is much more better not to write a song in your delicate paper. The written song becomes bolder every fraction of a second and the eraser can erase just a layer of it. 

I just wish a better music for you all.

My Introduction 

There lies a land of thunder dragon in the Himalayas

Popular and pristine, it’s the beautiful Bhutan 🇧🇹

Under the roaring blessing of the thunder dragon

I, Tshering Dendup, was born to a humble mom

My father retired the world welcoming his poor son

As weakness lies in the absence of powerful man

I missed the blankets of love and care that everyone shall receive from mom

Fortunate I was then to be brought up in new home

By an amazing couple I shall consider my parents at the moment

Grown up in their hearts, I made them smile most of the time

I became the man of simplicity and servant of my words

Trashiyangtse, chorten kora: Destrict to where I was born

Perseverance I carried as a young man never led me down

Never would I say that I am the best but I am not the worst too

I have eaten an apple and didn’t throw away the seeds

So I shall pluck the apples from a tree one day

I am a student, an undergraduate scholar of medical course

Deeply I shall hope for the better friuts in my future with this apple tree


My batch mates and me in Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya

My feelings shall remain my priority and accept them eagerly

My brain may nurture my apple tree with determination

While my heart has its trachycardia for love

She has beauty of everything she has got I believed now

Fragrance of not just the love but also the strong faith she possesses

She may be mine but she must be my destination of love

Sangay Wangmo, her name I am pleased to utter and smile with

Like me, she lives with trachycardia of love between us

My fortune of love She shall be; you should pray for me


Video call with Sangay Wangmo

People enjoy with their hobbies, I live carving my hobbies

If I do one thing, that’s my hobby you should consider

Its omnipresence keeps me better all time

It’s in the air, on the ground, along the roadside, beneath the water

Believe me, it can be in the jeopardized site

Strong enough as a servant of my words, I do everything wholeheartedly

I love writing, gaming, swimming, cycling, singing and the list shall go on

Bless me God! I shall persevere to be a better being.


In the midst of hike, hanthana( Sri Lanka)


Celebrating Bhutanese New Year in Sri Lanka


Visit to Colombo Galle Face beach

Bhutanese Students’ Association(BSA) University of Peradeniya. 

Just included new members; many were already registered in the past.

A warm wishes to you all from the current Vice President Tshering Dendup of 2014/2015 batch. Following are the lists of DAHE registered students who are recently being registered in BSA University of Peradeniya. With prior information from you all, you are registered now. If you are left unregistered, please let me know immediately so that you will be registered very soon.

Please, kindly give me your CID no. if you think you are not registered. Thank you!

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