Fitness Plus Building; My Prophecy.

I was fertilized to overcome weakness.

I was implanted to achieve strength.

I was born to learn the power of my ten body systems.

I was groomed to enhance those systems.

I was educated to captivate the knowledge of fitness.

I was promoted grade by grade to improve my comprehension on health through fitness.

I was made to struggle so that I find truth on survival of the fittest.


Multiple workout with Iron Gym

I was challenged to arouse the ultimate power of my body

The world was opened for me to understand muscles as the physiology behind fitness  of the body.

I was compelled to learn the anatomy, the biochemistry and the physiology of the muscles.

I was provided a comfortable place to train myself in solitude, the reason why I love loneliness.

Knowing about muscles and working with them was really fantastic; I was desperate to gain muscles and burn fats.
Fitness by the power of muscles but muscular appearance by the power of training; I was addicted.
Yet another thing to be considered the most; nutritional diet seen better in combination with physical training, I quitted vegetarianism
Therefore, I was prophesied to build my body!!!


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