Getting Started As A MBBS Udergraduate.

I was astonished by the bizarre beauty of landscape as I stepped out of the door early in the morning, that’s my first day out in Peradeniya; Kandy(Sri Lanka). There was no room for me to be sad. I was in the midst of a place with coconut, lemon, jackfruit, banana, guava, avocado and many more angiosperm trees and plants surrounding me along the roadside. As the undergraduate students of 2014 pass outs, seven of us were placed here in University of Peradeniya, Faculty of Medicine to study MBBS while some were sent to other University within Sri Lanka for the same reason.

My first view of Peradeniya


Despite the places being beautiful and tranquil, monotonous moments crawled over me since six of them were also strangers yet to be together thereafter for five years. However, entertainment was in full swing and within no time, we were just the same species of fish in the same pond. It’s soon gonna be the college days but I expected it to be much more excruciating.

I was time and again taken back in time making me to ponder on it opmore and more. “Did you know that they have to sleep with the cadaver underneath their bed.”  The air has conducted this statement several times through my auditory canals in the midst of conversations among people of different walks of life. Several times being heard repeatedly, I was always assured of who they are talking about. I was not intended to listen at all but by hook or crook, it is being heard. Future Doctors! They are talking about them.
It’s then time for me to wonder why people make things so complicated. The statement was a false exaggeration on medical students’ life.  I was relieved to know the truth. No need to sleep with cadaver at all. First month of  the course wasn’t really about biology or chemistry, memories of the recent past were brought back clearly by the session I went through with two hundred plus friends. English literature and language was there chasing me once again. I thought it was over in high school just before the college life but it was not. It continued! English session lasted for a month after which the most important part of my future responsibility had begun.

End of English Session

With Sajith

With my classmates of Intensive English Course

The flow was not up to my anticipation, there were always thick and thin or sixes and sevens. I battled hard almost bled to death trying to appear, feel, experience and confront the same situations like my friends. I would say they were also just having the same hassle in the midst of hustle and bustle. Trying to make every day a moment to laugh and smile, I found myself swimming peacefully in the pool of togetherness. One year of battle ended though without much exhaustion walking, laying, sitting, reading, writing and so on, indeed totally ordinary experience except that anatomy, biochemistry and physiology of human systems were thoroughly focused. Fortunately, I have passed the first year of MBBS course without any hindrance and hereafter I will let you know soon!


With sweet girl friends while on trip to Trincomali, eastern Sri Lanka


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