The Music, The Sorrow

There is a place where you can overrule the world in a time that passes within your heart. Nevertheless, a time exists within the realm of your heart where all you can hear is nothing but a music of satisfaction. There can be a time when melancholy becomes a melody and that can be torturous, unimaginably the venom that can kill or a vampire who can suck your blood out of your precious life. 
Music that conveys the trust and faith, as I have known, is not merely a man’s idea, it is what really happens to everyone in one of the episodes of the life: that everyone must travel through. 

The melodious chirping of a parrot that I have encountered this morning and the enchanting humming of the bees over the lotus blossom are the musics that told me, ” I cannot trust you” and the thrilling wind over the beach whispered me, “You do not trust me.” 

Footprints near the beach depicting Sorrow

The vehicular swiftness as one passes the other puts within me an idea of how perilous the music would be to a mind that opposes the other. I sat within a car and sensed the intense roar of the other car, that is all.

The greatest sorrow comes when the music in your heart remains unexpressed for a reason so enigmatic and that probably can be reflected in a time to come, the tears of a wounded heart would fall after a long time then. 

Rather, it is much more better not to write a song in your delicate paper. The written song becomes bolder every fraction of a second and the eraser can erase just a layer of it. 

I just wish a better music for you all.


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