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Argle-Bargle in Progress

1498368233870In an Association it be like

A man with laziness overloaded

Drowsiness crept in through his cerebrum

Folded his hand he pillowed his head

Trapped in an instant glance of a mate

His sympathetic hormones made him rise

One came, two came, three and four

He started talking, it became eloquent

Five and six, ears to him added in a pair

As if lecturing an important matter

His throat did not yearn for a drink

In a moment, laughter floated around him

Many lips in his company hastily

Few more pair of eyes attended

Desparately one listened from the corner

Oh! There is nothing great going on

An argle-bargle in progress it seemed

Like drowsiness has jeopardized him

He hated going back to sleep

Argle-Bargle just to be active




Lost Your Day? You Have Another One!


Moon in the dark

The sun shines amazingly
So does the moon in a lonely night
Better they shine but one always the best
Two things that glow in a circle of time
Do they ever shine together?
They do but one loses the exquisiteness
But the sun always rules the moment together

Moon in a solitary night? It’s magnificent!
Thousands of hearts being impressed
Millions of eyes being mesmerized
Cuteness in the crescent, brilliance in the sphere
The serene night, the your beautiful day
The day when fearful subsides, dauntless evolves
People’s night shall be your day
You shall remain beautiful as always
The sun is beautiful, you’re exquisitely beautiful
The night is your day!

Overruled By Negativity

When the time and the fate have favored me, I was proudly sitting in the science class. I really had no idea about my future and I had no ambition at all. I wanted to be one of the top students in the class, that’s all but I didn’t ponder on where the science would lead me to in the future.

“I wanna become an Engineer or a Doctor.” I used to say when the curious friends and anticipated teachers ask me but I really didn’t mean it. Deep within my cerebrum, I used to think that I was not capable of becoming any of these two. Days passed hastily and I developed some interest in what I was telling.

As one must become only one, I decided to lose interest in mathematics and improve my knowledge in biology. It’s the starting point of my ambition.

“I like to become Doctor.” And yes! God again favored me. I got a scholarship to study medicine in Sri Lanka with some of the new faces. You never know how privileged you must have felt at the moment you were offered. Gradually the precious gemstone was no more to be seen and all that I could see were the dull pebbles on the shore.

In the society, medical students are highly respected. However, I personally would like to say that I lose self respect being a medical student. I become the cruel creature ever existed in the world. Here’s why?

“Why did I become the medical student? Instead, I must have gone to Engineering college.”

“What is the use of studying if it’s to be forgotten”, that’s when I forget the things that I have studied.

“It’s impossible for me to become a good doctor”, it’s when I lose self-esteem or when I feel irrelevant with my own ideas.

“Given a chance, I would give up this course and find another one which is much easier”, tremendously frustrated with some simple things on my way I utter those words even if I know it’s impossible to turn back.

And as if my friends are the disturbances, I didn’t want to stay with them. “I don’t wanna stay here anymore, I need a separate house.” I shifted to the new place away from their house but that doesn’t make me better at all.

Now that I am in the new house completely isolated, I feel differently. “Oh! It’s better to be with friends. Situation doesn’t become better at all even if  am alone. Why did I come here”.

Nothing seems alright in my cerebral hemisphere. Before I do one thing, I always think it’s gonna be interesting. Moreover, my desire to do that particular thing becomes too immense to stop myself from doing it. However, once I have done them, I always regret for that. I could not understand whether it’s the life phenomenon or a punishment specifically for me.

Everything would just go in the same way hereafter too. Wanting to do followed by doing and finally regretting it, it’s inevitable and I must go with it. Life is full of unexpected events, right now I am aware that I am writing something that defame myself but it’s gonna be like this every time.

Despite knowing that you are doing wrong, you still want to do that because that’s how you are designed



Trip To Nuwara Eliya

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I can barely remember the last date of my visit to Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. Among Bhutanese Students in Sri Lanka, traveling across the country is a wonderful pleasure. I am not an exception regarding this amazingly amazing pleasure. I love traveling despite the fact that I am a stressful person. Walking away from the normal routine is really bothersome and moreover, it adds on my stress. However, believing that traveling is an opportunity, I started ignoring bothersome routines at times and did what really makes me happy.

It was my second trip to Nuwara Eliya. We were small group of four eagerly waiting to experience cool climate there. The place resembles my home town, Bhutan. Three hours of bus ride, we were finally there in Nuwara Eliya. It was just the same I saw few months ago but I went there for a reason, not to see the new things that has emerged. I was desperate to ride a bicycle on the hilly route which I once saw in Sangay Khandu’s Facebook post. He was guiding was us there!

“Firstly, let’s go and book a room”, we agreed ” there is still enough time today, we will ride bicycles”. Within hours, we were on the hills amidst wonderfully beautiful tea plantations. We had a great view downtown.

Fully exhausted, we were on the hilltop listening to the whispering breeze. Somnath Gurung and I were the first to reach there but he is much faster than me while Sangay Khandu and Trashi Tobgay gradually appeared to the point. We had a pretty selfie shots there. I was quick enough to update the Facebook status mentioning the success of the day.

It was not over yet. We turned back and within no time we were on the highways with hundreds of vehicles. Peacefully, we rode off to a road that led to a silent forest, that was awesomely interesting. Through the villages, across the bridges and within the green woods, we enjoyed every second of the time. Our room is in Victoria Park Hotel where we rested with amazingly great satisfaction after we came back from the ride. We had plans for the next day.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were again great fun. We tried in different hotels and each time, it’s a different meal.

Traveling had always been one of my priorities and eventually nothing is more peaceful than that!


Maize Plant

An exquisite greenery of summer has blossomed 

Tall green leafy plant was growing hastily 

With marvelous asters of tassel radiating so high

 It’s not her that a beetle was attracted to

It’s her daughter with the scarlet blonde hair 

She dances with her mom as the wind blows 

Her beauty, the hypnotic rays in his eyes 

Her fragrance, the soothing air that he breathes

Wings kept high, her magnetic appearance pulls him closer 

Gradually closer and closer, he hugged her tight

Unfathomably, his heart sighed with great relief