Dear People of Thoughts and Expressions 🙏🙏🙏

Given the chance and freedom to express, I thought of taking this privilege to walk on the journey of EMOTIONAL FANTASY which is purely my own expression. This long journey of writings may not contain the proper use of grammar; may exhibit the failure in usage of words, sentences and statements as per the regulations of English literature.

However, I cannot led myself hidden with all the burden of feelings: there is always a huge satisfaction and a great relief when you express what you feel. So, I just wanted to go on expressing while the focus on English language Usage would remain as my priority.

Dear all, this tiny world of MY EMOTIONAL FANTASY belongs to me in any circumstances whether bad or good. Therefore, I am responsible if it hampers you in any cost but I will assure you here that it’s all about what I think and experience through my life journey.

Thank You.


Tshering Dendup