How Did I Become Interested In Bodybuilding?

Any approach in life has its own reason and it’s all about the force within you whether positive or negative. The progression would be much more different than your expectations as you move on with your approach. As a beginner, people have fantastic objectives to stick on but I will guarantee you that your journey after an approach would be less of your objectives and more of your interest during your performance while experiencing the difference each day. My approach is all about termination of belly fats; huge belly being my biggest concern.I started to walk around the clock simply with this reason. I joined the Gym strictly for two complete months, however, before I was a part of the gym I was already doing some abdominal exercises which would result in what is called packs. In two weeks period of rigorous abs exercises I found incremental changes on my already existing small packs. I was motivated by this change and then and there I wanted to do more precise workouts. I knew fighting against belly fats would be much more easier than expected and that’s why I signed in to U-turn Gym, Peradeniya (Colombo road); Sri Lanka.

Posing for muscular appearance

Watching YouTube videos on muscle building has become my core interest and following the workout schedules as given by the instructor was my first priority. Talking of my interest through the session isn’t about a linear graph plot. Fluctuations in my mood was really a huge trouble while trying hard to focus sincerely. The reason for mood fluctuation was I wanted faster results and when it didn’t happen I nearly lost all my hopes. However, the secret of workouts convinced me not to wait for the results but to continue with the workouts. Further motivated, I began to post my new body on the social media commonly on Facebook and Instagram. Tshering Dendup Oppa calls himself a Fitness Addict Man.

Hanthana Hike, Posing on Hilltop.

I posted both photos and the video clips of my new status. Circumstances favored me again; with all the positive comments on the media I was indeed appreciated plus energized. Started with only aim of reducing belly size, I progressed further with high interest of building whole body because I realized the beauty of having muscular body. I wanted huge arms, v-shaped back, v-tapers in front, six packs instead of big belly, oblique muscles being shown and the bulky chest. Not this much, I wanted to have muscular lower body too. Now I feel like I am on the track and everything favors me. All I am thirsty of is huge arms, v-shaped back, v-tapers in front, six packs instead of big belly, oblique muscles being shown and the bulky chest. I know the ephemeral nature of this body of mine but I like to do what I am interested even if it’s against the law. I am…… I am Fitness Addict man.


Fitness Plus Building; My Prophecy.

I was fertilized to overcome weakness.

I was implanted to achieve strength.

I was born to learn the power of my ten body systems.

I was groomed to enhance those systems.

I was educated to captivate the knowledge of fitness.

I was promoted grade by grade to improve my comprehension on health through fitness.

I was made to struggle so that I find truth on survival of the fittest.


Multiple workout with Iron Gym

I was challenged to arouse the ultimate power of my body

The world was opened for me to understand muscles as the physiology behind fitness  of the body.

I was compelled to learn the anatomy, the biochemistry and the physiology of the muscles.

I was provided a comfortable place to train myself in solitude, the reason why I love loneliness.

Knowing about muscles and working with them was really fantastic; I was desperate to gain muscles and burn fats.
Fitness by the power of muscles but muscular appearance by the power of training; I was addicted.
Yet another thing to be considered the most; nutritional diet seen better in combination with physical training, I quitted vegetarianism
Therefore, I was prophesied to build my body!!!