Clash of Clan Progress!

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The world so high and complicated

The Places uncommonly unique

The infrastructures marvelously designed

The creatures enthusiastically gathered

And I the Chief, foolishly mesmerized!






Clash of Clans

It was a long vacation, the whole year of 2015. I was enthusiastically waiting to fly soon. My mind calm and bold, I haven’t thought that I could be dragged away by such a small cartoon world. When I was first recommended to play this game, I believed that it would be just like any other games i.e, playing and throwing. I didn’t start right there!!!

On 02/11/2015, I started to live in an entirely unrelated world, Sri Lanka. Here, I started my course-MBBS. I started the recommended game too. It was just a simple battle and I was almost confirmed that it was not unlike any other games. Not yet interested but trying to see what it has got beyond this to offer me, I continued to play. It got bigger, guidance was no more there and I was made to do all by myself- got independence within the game. I became the chief of the little VILLAGE of CLASH of Clans.

It grew bigger. Nothing is so special and if I have one, that’s clash of clans. The game mesmerizes your heart and you go on living in the village even if you have nothing to farm.  But it’s all about me. I just could not really imagine to shut down the game so I became the real CHIEF. I Watch the friends in war, how their base looks like, how they attack the opponent base and even the upgrades and levels of their infrastructure and weapons. That’s really crazy.

Now, I am the chief of town hall nine village. I am the ADDICT.

If you want a better and peaceful life, I recommend not to start to be the chief of this addictive village game. I am losing one precious gift in my life if I want to be the chief throughout the life. But it’s like I can’t survive without it.

Don’t let yourself into this world where you have only one thing that makes your survival possible, to play the game. It kills your life. It did to me.

Thank you.

P.S- but your life is your pride, you are free to do anything as long as you are brave and confident about your future stability. I say I am addicted because I can’t study my course in  a way I wanted to do. I stay awake just because I am addicted.