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Traveling The Road of Love

I met you as a Stranger, in the school days

No more a stranger in the days come

As we started to look at each other we fell in love

Time passed as we share our stories 

New stories evolved as we moved on

As we talked of hugs, kisses and your body

Our frankness got bigger day by day

We talked and laughed again and again, everyday the same!

But the thirst I felt never seemed to be quenched 

I don’t see girls around me when I have you nearby

Now that we are no more strangers

I feel better and better, thinking of you everyday 

Distance separates us away, we are not together 

It doesn’t matter for me, our love never gonna die

My heart want to stay with you, forever and ever

We are just a pair of creatures, craving for one another 

That’s what makes me love you more and more

You are my beauty queen, please don’t leave me

I can’t go further without you in my life

So let us hold our hands tight and walk together 

Let’s build an empire for our family!


Maize Plant

An exquisite greenery of summer has blossomed 

Tall green leafy plant was growing hastily 

With marvelous asters of tassel radiating so high

 It’s not her that a beetle was attracted to

It’s her daughter with the scarlet blonde hair 

She dances with her mom as the wind blows 

Her beauty, the hypnotic rays in his eyes 

Her fragrance, the soothing air that he breathes

Wings kept high, her magnetic appearance pulls him closer 

Gradually closer and closer, he hugged her tight

Unfathomably, his heart sighed with great relief

My Introduction 

There lies a land of thunder dragon in the Himalayas

Popular and pristine, it’s the beautiful Bhutan 🇧🇹

Under the roaring blessing of the thunder dragon

I, Tshering Dendup, was born to a humble mom

My father retired the world welcoming his poor son

As weakness lies in the absence of powerful man

I missed the blankets of love and care that everyone shall receive from mom

Fortunate I was then to be brought up in new home

By an amazing couple I shall consider my parents at the moment

Grown up in their hearts, I made them smile most of the time

I became the man of simplicity and servant of my words

Trashiyangtse, chorten kora: Destrict to where I was born

Perseverance I carried as a young man never led me down

Never would I say that I am the best but I am not the worst too

I have eaten an apple and didn’t throw away the seeds

So I shall pluck the apples from a tree one day

I am a student, an undergraduate scholar of medical course

Deeply I shall hope for the better friuts in my future with this apple tree


My batch mates and me in Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya

My feelings shall remain my priority and accept them eagerly

My brain may nurture my apple tree with determination

While my heart has its trachycardia for love

She has beauty of everything she has got I believed now

Fragrance of not just the love but also the strong faith she possesses

She may be mine but she must be my destination of love

Sangay Wangmo, her name I am pleased to utter and smile with

Like me, she lives with trachycardia of love between us

My fortune of love She shall be; you should pray for me


Video call with Sangay Wangmo

People enjoy with their hobbies, I live carving my hobbies

If I do one thing, that’s my hobby you should consider

Its omnipresence keeps me better all time

It’s in the air, on the ground, along the roadside, beneath the water

Believe me, it can be in the jeopardized site

Strong enough as a servant of my words, I do everything wholeheartedly

I love writing, gaming, swimming, cycling, singing and the list shall go on

Bless me God! I shall persevere to be a better being.


In the midst of hike, hanthana( Sri Lanka)


Celebrating Bhutanese New Year in Sri Lanka


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