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Trip To Nuwara Eliya

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I can barely remember the last date of my visit to Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. Among Bhutanese Students in Sri Lanka, traveling across the country is a wonderful pleasure. I am not an exception regarding this amazingly amazing pleasure. I love traveling despite the fact that I am a stressful person. Walking away from the normal routine is really bothersome and moreover, it adds on my stress. However, believing that traveling is an opportunity, I started ignoring bothersome routines at times and did what really makes me happy.

It was my second trip to Nuwara Eliya. We were small group of four eagerly waiting to experience cool climate there. The place resembles my home town, Bhutan. Three hours of bus ride, we were finally there in Nuwara Eliya. It was just the same I saw few months ago but I went there for a reason, not to see the new things that has emerged. I was desperate to ride a bicycle on the hilly route which I once saw in Sangay Khandu’s Facebook post. He was guiding was us there!

“Firstly, let’s go and book a room”, we agreed ” there is still enough time today, we will ride bicycles”. Within hours, we were on the hills amidst wonderfully beautiful tea plantations. We had a great view downtown.

Fully exhausted, we were on the hilltop listening to the whispering breeze. Somnath Gurung and I were the first to reach there but he is much faster than me while Sangay Khandu and Trashi Tobgay gradually appeared to the point. We had a pretty selfie shots there. I was quick enough to update the Facebook status mentioning the success of the day.

It was not over yet. We turned back and within no time we were on the highways with hundreds of vehicles. Peacefully, we rode off to a road that led to a silent forest, that was awesomely interesting. Through the villages, across the bridges and within the green woods, we enjoyed every second of the time. Our room is in Victoria Park Hotel where we rested with amazingly great satisfaction after we came back from the ride. We had plans for the next day.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were again great fun. We tried in different hotels and each time, it’s a different meal.

Traveling had always been one of my priorities and eventually nothing is more peaceful than that!